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Body Work & Energy Therapy 

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What Is BodyWork...

Bodywork provides an overall well-being for our furry loved ones

Bodywork is a co-operative modality to Western Medicine. It is a holistic approach that encompasses the pet as a whole; body, mind and spirit. Bodywork utilizes a wide variety of therapies and techniques. At A Pawsitive Touch, llc we focus on touch therapy, essential oils remedies, and energy therapy. ‚Äč

Every living thing is energy! Energy therapy activates the body's natural pain killing and healing processes.  

We utilize intuition and a myriad of tools in non-invasive and pain free treatments. This technology affords alternatives in managing chronic conditions, acute problems and  in conjunction to the rehabilitation plan following surgery or injury.

Energy therapy can be combined with other holistic modalities or conventional medical treatments. This safe and effective practice can keep our pets healthy and well-balanced.

‚ÄčTouch therapy is deliberate and focused touch. We provide therapeutic and sports massage for our four legged companions. Intentional touch not only supports the physical body but it can relieve stress, strengthen the human bond and diminish depression. Please see "Services" to learn more.

What Is Energy Therapy...